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Niamh Coleman - Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
Master of Science in Anthrozoology, UW-AAB.

My mission is to help individuals and families nurture and build their relationships with their dog(s). Nobody wants to have shyness, aggression, separation anxiety, or anything else keeping them from having a fun, happy companion in their lives. I think that it is vital to start building a positive relationship from the start with your newly adopted rescue dog or puppy.

We all deeply care for our animals, and yet sometimes people find themselves in situations where they do not understand why their dog is behaving in a certain way. I am here to "de-mystify" your dog's behavior, and collaborate with you on ways to bring you back to a healthy, fun, and balanced relationship.

Training Philosophy

My approach has been fine-tuned through understanding of science, understanding of people as a human nurse, over 16 years experience in training and helping others train working dogs and pets, and finally, the study of animal behavior with real life examples of how to fix a problem.

About Niamh

Niamh Coleman, CPDT-KA, MS, RN, UW-AAB is a certified professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist with over 20 years of experience training dogs. She has worked as a small animal veterinarian technician and as a human nurse in the emergency and school setting. She was a trainer for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in their Puppy Raising Department, and now is a part-time trainer at Boulder Valley Humane Society.

Niamh has been a volunteer Search and Rescue K9 handler since first starting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1999. She is currently a handler with Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS), a volunteer organization based in the Boulder, CO area. She has found volunteering to find missing people with her dogs incredibly rewarding.


Niamh "Neeve" Coleman
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